– Maxperience Travel Ltd. is licensed to organising and selling tour packages – license No. PK-01-7984, as well as insured for professional liability. Maxperience Travel Ltd is hereinafter referred to as the ‘tour operator’. 

да пише че предоставям, вместо че съм лицензиран. 

– A travel package is considered to be travel or holiday, that combines two or more of the following elements: transport, accommodation, car rental, museum visit.

– For the purpose of delivering a clear marketing message, Maxperience Travel Ltd. promotes only the highlights of the tours. Nevertheless, more details about the chosen tour, including itineraries, accommodation and food options are available upon request through the communication channels listed on Such information will be sent to each of the participants up to 7 days ahead of the start of the purchased travel package. 



– Booking requires payment of the full amount of the tour price, unless specifically stated by the tour operator, that a deposit of a lower amount is substantial for booking a specific tour.

– Booking is considered completed only when confirmed by the tour operator. Confirmation is completed through email. 



– Tour package price could vary before purchase, depending on the time and sales channel and the quantity purchased.

– Prices listed are in BGN, unless if stated otherwise. 



– Payment is currently accepted only through Bank Transfer. More information available at 

– The client should receive the relevant tax documentation with the booking confirmation, once payment has been confirmed.


– The travel agreement is considered concluded at the moment of confirmation by the tour operator via email. Booking confirmation is subject to availability and payment processing. In case of no availability of the purchased travel package, the client is entitled to a full refund up to 5 working days.


– It is the tour operator’s obligation to provide the services listed in the travel agreement and paid for by the client. 

– It is the tour operator’s right to break the agreement in case payment has not been completed in the period specified in the agreement offer.

– It is the traveller’s responsibility to possess a valid European Health Insurance Card when travelling in or through an EU member state. 

– It is the traveller’s responsibility to possess valid visa and travel documents when travelling abroad, that allow the needed tourist access.

– The tour operator is free of liability in case the traveller is rejected the required tourist access to a destination or transfer country.

– It is the traveller’s responsibility to obey the laws of the destination or transfer country.  

– It is the tour operator’s right to break the agreement without any liability in case the traveller does not obey the laws of the destination country.  

– It is the client’s responsibility to seek compensation in case the tour operator has not delivered according to the travel agreement. 



– It is the travel client’s right to withdraw from the travel agreement at any time for a reasonable cancellation fee, as followed:

– Travel deposits are non-refundable. 

– In case the travel client has paid the full tour price and would like to cancel the purchase of a tour, they are entitled to: 

    – 50% refund if the cancellation takes place more than 30 days before the tour start.

    – 25% refund if the cancellation takes place between 30 and 15 days before the tour start. 

    – no refund if the cancellation takes place less than 15 days before the tour start. 



– Maxperience keeps the right to cancel a tour in case the minimum required number of travellers for the specific tour is not reached. The minimum required number for each tour is listed in the specific offer.

– In the case of such cancellation, the client is entitled to full refund and no further compensation.



– In case the client’s expectations are not met, the client has the right to complain to Maxperience.

– In case Maxperience’s response and reaction are not satisfactory to the client, they can receive help and a piece of advice from Bulgaria’s Consumer Protection Commission, reachable at or 0700 111 22. Alternatively, the client could seek help through European Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution Platform