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А Few Words About Us

hey there!

Hi, I’m Todor and I love travel and adventure. I’ve travelled and worked around the world, I’ve been to many amazing places and had some extraordinary experiences. And the more I travelled, the more I appreciated what I have at home. I founded Maxperience to share my amazing Bulgaria with you and the world. 

The best way to explore any place is through experiencing it, and the best way to make friends is through sharing those experiences. So at Maxperience, we offer you a combination of your destination’s highlights: from adventure to cuisine, regardless of whether you are going surfing, golfing or visiting an old communist ruin in the middle of the mountain. 

Chief gallivanter


Travel and sports are life.


Maxperience exists where the passion for travel and the curiosity to experience collide.

Our action-packed tours allow adventurers to make the most out of their time. Our bespoke private tours offer unmatched level of customer service.

We fully understand the complexity of a travel product and we go above and beyond to make sure our customers have a great time. To do so, we follow key business principles, employ high safety standards and plan meticulously. 



we know how to make a good trip.

Our philosophy is that a destination is truly felt through the experiences it offers and the best friendships are made on the road, while sharing those experiences. 

Those key principles we adopt in our organised tours are what makes them so great. 

Our Local expertise makes the difference. 

Listening to you and your interests, we already know which landmarks and experiences will blow you away and which are not going to live up to your expectations.

Driving and roads in Bulgaria could also be quite tricky, so trust us with itinerary planning and route choice, to make sure you see everything you wanted to and you’re never late for your flight. 

‘Above and Beyond’ are the exact words a customer used to describe our dedication. 

From the initial communication and understanding your needs and preferences to planning the smallest details and adjusting your trip on the go, we work hard to make sure you have a great time. 

Our perfect reviews prove not only to our dedication, but our ability as well. 

We employ a set of safety standards, reflected in trip planning, the vehicles we use and our drivers’ training. 

To ensure the reliability of our services, we rigorously examine our trusted partners and plan meticulously.

Maxperience is a licensed tour operator and travel agent in Bulgaria (EU), with license No. PK-01-7984.

We have a valid Professional Liability Insurance, meaning our partners and clients are covered in case we do not deliver on our promises.